Protect your computer and Android phone from botnet attack, government released this safety tool

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With their help, you will be able to protect your smartphones and personal computer from botnet attack.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) of the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has announced a list of safety tools, with which you will be able to protect your smartphones and personal computers from botnet attacks. This has been done under its Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Center or Cyber ​​Sanitation Center. These tools can be downloaded for free from the CERT-In website and have been developed in collaboration with large anti-virus companies such as QuickHeal and eScan.

What is botnet infection

Bochnet is a group of computers controlled by cyber criminals and used to spread malware and other wrong attacks on targets. And when a person’s computer becomes part of the botnet, it is called a botnet infection. Infections with a person’s computer botnet occur when cyber criminals send them fake attachments or emails with links or can be done through fake posts on social media or by taking advantage of security flaws in the computer.

Safety tools

QuickHeal’s Boat Removal Tool

It is a boat removal tool for computers with Microsoft Windows. It is available for free for 32-bit systems and 64-bit systems, which will be right according to your computer.

E-Scan Antivirus for Microsoft PC and Android

CERT-In has developed two boat removal tools in association with e-scan antivirus, one for computers with Microsoft Windows and the other for Android based phones. For computers, the company provides boot removal tools. And for Android phones, the company has released the Smartphone Safety Toolkit.

Usb resistance

This USB Resistance is a desktop security solution that controls removable storage devices such as external hard devices, pen drives, cell phones and other USB mass storage devices and their use.

App content

This is a solution for desktop with Windows OS. With the help of this tool, the correct file is used.

Browser JS Guard

This is a browser extension to detect and protect attacks made using fake HTML and JavaScript. With the help of this tool, the user is informed about any fake web page. This tool has been developed for Mozilla Firefox and Google Crom.