Koo App: All You Need To Know About Made-In-India Twitter Clone Koo App

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If there was one platform that people who hate Facebook and Instagram love to use, Twitter would come to the minds of many.

The microblogging platform has a great variety of people having fun discussions, while also becoming a portal for people to complain about particular companies and directly connect with their customer service team.

However, it looks like a made-in-India microblogging platform is gearing up to compete against the multi-billion dollar social media platform. Meet Koo.

The Made-for-India microblogging platform

The Koo microblogging platform is targetted towards conversations in Indian regional languages — something Twitter doesn’t offer. Koo has stated on its website, “Just 10% of India speaks English. Almost 1 billion people in India don’t know English. Instead, they speak one of India’s 100s of languages. They are now getting access to smartphones and would love an internet in their language.”

“However, majority of the internet has been in English. Koo is an attempt to make the voice of these Indians heard. They can now participate on the internet in their mother tongue by listening to the views of some of the sharpest Indian minds and also speak their mind by sharing their thoughts.”

Winner of India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat App Challenge

This Koo Twitter-clone app has also been a winner (second position) of India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat App Challenge. In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the efforts of the microblogging platform in a ‘Mann Ki Baat’ session sometime last year. The first position was claimed by made in India TikTok clone, Chingari…Read more>>